Xplore Bhutan is a small and reputed adventure travel company that specializes in combined cultural/trekking/biking and river trips. Being the first of its kind in the country, Xplore Bhutan strives to set international standards in the field of adventure travel within the kingdom. With the use of state of the art equipment manufactured by reputed companies and professional support from its team of existing guides, Xplore Bhutan provides the best of services in terms of equipment and safety standards.

With sensitivity to local culture and traditions, concern and responsibility for the natural environment, and dignity and integrity in our service, Xplore Bhutan endeavors to achieve the following:

To be a leader and partner in the sustainable development of eco-tourism in Bhutan,

To pioneer and lead Bhutan’s development in whitewater kayaking and rafting,

To design, plan and organize customized cultural tours, treks and river trips with seasoned and experienced guides,

To ensure the safety and comfort of our clients through use of the best equipment in all cultural tours, treks, biking, mountaineering and river expeditions,

To offer the finest instruction in whitewater kayaking and rafting for Bhutanese guides to ensure sustainability

To make the client’s travel a memorable journey in a unique cultural and geographical region of the Himalayas,

Meet the people of Xplore Bhutan that make your trip happen

Team Xplore Bhutan :

Xplore Bhutan comprises one of the strongest set of guides and staff ever assembled – fun, enigmatic guides who are in it for the love of guiding and showing you the Bhutan you would not otherwise see. Their desire to guide you during your sojourn in Bhutan guarantees you close personal attention and ensures a rich learning experience and a vacation of a lifetime.

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  1. Ugyen D. Dorji aka “Yougs” founder and adventure enthusiast. Yougs, born 15th August 1970, the only son to his parents, quit the idea of stepping in and taking over his father’s reputed construction business and started guiding as a hobby in the early 90’s. His dream of learning how to kayak became a reality in 1998 when chance had him meet Gerry Moffat (www.gerrymoffatt.net). This led to Yougs establishing the first real adventure travel company in Bhutan. Creating a niche for his company, Yougs went on to promote Xplore Bhutan with his belief in “high value-low volume/low impact” tourism. Over the last decade Xplore Bhutan’s reputation as one of the best in the business grew by “word of mouth” and finally, upon the insistence of friends he launched his company into cyberspace. Today, although suffering from ailments from various sports injuries, Yougs still leads a few groups each year and makes sure to meet each and every client of his to ensure the needs and satisfaction of all who visit Bhutan under the banner of Xplore Bhutan
  1. Karma Tshering lovingly known as “Good Karma”. With 12 years of guiding experience and working with Xplore Bhutan, Karma is perhaps one of the best cultural & trekking guides in the business and one who enjoys biking. His love for the outdoors, his loving personality, his pleasant and fun nature and his in-depth knowledge on Bhutan and the flora and fauna makes him one of the ideal guides for a trip to Bhutan. Families traveling with children especially enjoy his “baby-sitting” capabilities and he gives one an insight to Bhutan like no other in the business. He heads over all trekking/touring operations for Xplore Bhutan and if not he then one of our other team members who are equally capable will be assigned by him for your trip
  1. Bhupendra Chettri aka “Bups” or “Bob”..first joined Xplore Bhutan in 1999 as one of the first raft guides. His swimming skills got him the job but today his personality and people skills are what makes him our over all Operations Manager. Not so much a cultural expert but working together with one of our other team members, Bhupen is an indeal trip leader of sorts for groups coming in for a mixed multi-sport trip involving rafting/kayaking in Bhutan. One of the most jovial, fun loving and lovable characters you’ll meet. Ever ready to please and someone who can make your trip so much more fun and memorable
  1. Hari Chettri aka “Harry”.. the long and windy roads of Bhutan require the skills of the like of Harry. Always safe and cautious he drives you from one town to the other over high passes and across the narrow mountainous roads of Bhutan. Not a trip goes by without “Thank you Hari”. If Hari’s already booked with a trip when you book yours, he makes sure he gets you a driver as safe as he.

The Young Gun of Team Xplore

  1. Chencho works in tandem with Thinley and is a very humble and enthusiastic personality. Putting others before himself, Chencho, strives at providing the best of our services for our clients and is not only an excellent kayaker but an equally good cultural and trekking guide. An ideal guide for a group that wants to do a full on multisport trip that involves, trekking, rafting, biking and the culture of Bhutan.

Behind the scenes

  1. Anajana… our financial controller. Makes sure we have enough money to run our trips the way we’d like to run it.